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Kobo Vox

Where “The End” is never the end

  • Vivid 7" FFS+ multimedia screen optimized for reading outdoors

  • Enter a new world of social reading – share ideas with other readers

  • Enjoy Web, email, music, videos, over 500,000 apps, music and movies on Google Play!

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Kobo Vox - The Peoples' Reader!

[vox populi, voice of the people]

Based on Kobo's founding principle … FREEDOM.

  • Read Freely

    When you buy a Kobo book, it’s yours. You have the freedom to read on any open reader.

  • Express Yourself!

    Kobo turns reading from a solitary experience into a revolutionary social experience that let's you share ideas within books with other readers.

  • Free to Explore

    Enjoy full access to Android 2.3, over 500,000 apps on Google Play, your favorite Google apps, plus popular apps like email and Facebook pre-loaded.

Die weltweit größte Buchhandlung

  • Over 1 million free titles

  • Browse today's newest releases, NY Times® bestsellers and more

  • Easily find your next great read

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Interactive Read Along books are fun to read!

Immerse Yourself in Color!

  • 7" FFS+ touchscreen is great for reading together!

  • Enjoy children's books, cookbooks, travel guides and graphic novels in brilliant color

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  • Reden Sie mit!

    • Follow discussions on books and passages as you read

    • Share your ideas with the Kobo community of readers

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  • Share Your Reading Life

    • Discover your unique reading style

    • Earn awards just for reading!

    • Share your Reading Life with your Facebook® friends.

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  • Do More with Android

    • Enjoy full and open access to Android

    • Surf the Web, email friends, listen to music plus easily access over 500,000 apps!

    • Your favorite Google apps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and more

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  • Ready for Life on the Go!

    • Light and compact enough to take everywhere

    • Soft quilted back fits perfectly in your hand

    • Includes built-in Wi Fi and 8GB of internal memory

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